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essential oils

Discover the Benefits of Essential Oils

It has been long known that different aromas affect mood and alertness. Fresh® uses essential oil scents in our hydrating bar soaps and body washes such as citrus, pine, mint, cinnamon and sandalwood to activate a feeling of alertness. Men like different scents than women, it's that simple. Our soap often has other benefits as well besides just to wash away dirt and sweat.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood found in our products such as Mandarin Musk, has several uses in aromatherapy. Its mild, sweet aroma encourages calmness and relaxation as well as positive thinking, clarity, and concentration.

Fresh® brand carries products for men with soap bars, body wash, deodorant, hair care, razors and toothpaste, which combine to create easy personal care routines. The bar soap has essential oils such as pine, cedarwood, rosemary and orange for the skin. With fresh, crisp fragrances that that inspire dreams of beaches and forests.

Pine Essential Oil

Imagine having access to the clean, crisp aroma of a pine forest anytime and wherever you like! This pine-scented oil in our products will transport you to a crisp morning trek or the aroma of a live pine tree that was freshly cut in preparation for the holidays.