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natural ingredients

Our ingredients such as plants and other natural elements come from nature.

natural ingredients sustainable palm oil

Sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil has many advantages, including moisturizing, anti-aging, healing, and cleansing. Palm oil improves skin suppleness, shields it from damaging UV rays, stimulates circulation, relieves minor burns, delays the appearance of wrinkles, decreases dark spots and blemishes, and speeds up the production of younger, suppler skin.

natural ingredients coconut oil

Coconut Oil

On the skin, coconut oil forms a hydrating shield. One of the advantages of coconut oil is that it aids in boosting collagen formation, which enhances skin suppleness and results in tighter skin. Coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats, vitamins like vitamin E, amino acids, lauric acid, and caprylic acid, as well as a wealth of antioxidants.

natural ingredients water


Fresh, clean pure water. A lot of our products use this life essence in it's ingredients for a variety of health benefits. Waters hydrating properties increase elasticity in skin.

natural ingredients shea butter

Shea Butter

Without clogging pores, Shea butter hydrates them. Shea butter is a fantastic ingredient to add to soap since giving it a rich, creamy, and moisturizing quality. It is extremely beneficial for preserving moisture in skin and hair follicles because it has 5% palmitic, 40% stearic, 48% oleic, and 6% linoleic fatty acids. This means that it produces a rich, extremely hydrating lather.

natural ingredients sea salt

Sea Salt

It works as a natural preservative, hardening the soap and extending its shelf life. Due to its inherent antibacterial qualities, sea salt is an effective agent against bacteria and other germs. Sea salt can help exfoliate the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and exposing softer, smoother skin underneath when used in soap.

natural ingredients cedar wood essential oil

Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Because cedar wood essential oil has antifungal, and antibacterial qualities, it can be used to treat acne and eczema as well as irritated skin. Not only does cedar wood reduce anxiety, but its calming effects can also help you sleep better and stay asleep longer! Additionally, cedar wood contains anti-inflammatory properties and is particularly efficient at soothing and reducing inflammation.

natural ingredients orange essential oil

Orange Essential Oil

Breathing in this essential oil when practicing aromatherapy may aid in promoting alertness. This juicy citrus oil is perfect for use in the manufacturing of skin care products like soaps, creams, lotions, and deodorants due to its anti-septic and preservative characteristics. Orange oil has the ability to gently remove oils and dirt from skin making it perfect for those with oily skin.

natural ingredients peppermint


Peppermint in soap is great on oily skin and acne, to clear up clogged pores and pores that are sluggish. The cooling and analgesic effects of peppermint essential oil are well documented. In addition to promoting mood and nasal clarity, it has the benefit of soothing the skin and scalp.

natural ingredients pineapple essential oil

Pineapple Essential Oil

Natural pineapple acid in our soap rapidly calms and brightens skin. It unclogs pores, and instantly makes skin mattified by removing excess oil. Pineapple Oil is a wonderful complement to any natural skin care regimen because it also has astringent and cleaning characteristics that pull away impurities. Pineapple Oil is used in our hair care to feed, hydrate, and strengthen strands while straightening and softening them.

natural ingredients caribbean volcanic clay

Caribbean Volcanic Clay

Volcanic Clay is rich in minerals and has antioxidant characteristics. According to experts, this can refresh the skin, cleanse it, and remove any impurities. Mother Nature's all-natural skin cleanser is volcanic clay. Not only is it abundant in minerals like sulfur, magnesium, and zinc, but it also has the exfoliating properties to remove the face's outermost layers of dead skin while cleansing it. Using zinc can help reduce inflammation.

natural ingredients sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood has a calming effect that lessens inflammation brought on by pimples. Its potent antifungal and antibacterial qualities also effectively clean the skin, preventing damaging germs from getting into pores and escalating acne. It also smells amazing!

natural ingredients lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil

When used in soap, lavender essential oil will gently cleanse the skin without dehydrating it, allowing its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics to treat acne and skin irritation. These qualities also make lavender effective in treating eczema and skin conditions. You may fight inflammation every day by incorporating lavender into your everyday hygiene routine.

natural ingredients vanilla


Antioxidants found in vanilla are particularly potent at fighting off free radicals and repairing skin damage. Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are some of the indicators of aging that it helps to delay. It not only refreshes your skin but also leaves you smelling wonderful.

natural ingredients pine essential oil

Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oil's antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for treating skin disorders including acne, eczema, and rosacea since it helps clean out pore-clogging germs and prevent the spread of infection. The anti-inflammatory qualities of pine oil can also aid in easing pain and redness in these regions.

natural ingredients oakmoss


It is popular to use Oakmoss in soaps because of its antibacterial properties. Infections could be prevented by using Oakmoss on exposed wounds and cuts. It is useful for aromatherapy and for supporting the health of the skin. It smells woody and earthy. It can be used to treat skin issues like acne.

natural ingredients redwood essential oil

Redwood Essential Oil

The benefits of Redwood essential oil include bodily deodorization, increased brain function, physical relaxation, improved focus, decreased hyperactivity, reduced harmful stress, reduced tension, and assist in mental clarity.

natural ingredients saffron


Saffron aids in deep pore exfoliation, leaving your skin clean, fresh, and flawless. Saffron essential oil works as an anti-aging agent by enhancing blood flow to your skin.

natural ingredients kaolin clay

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is a fantastic skin cleaner. This is excellent for people with dry or sensitive skin because the kaolin absorbs oil without over-drying the skin. It makes your skin feel soft and helps remove impurities from your pores like dirt, bacteria, and pollutants.

Although all of our products are made with natural ingredients, it is still possible to have a negative reaction to a specific ingredient. Stop using immediately and seek medical advice if you have any side effects or skin irritation. To give you the best possible products, we continuously strive to improve our offerings. For the most recent information, look at your product's packaging.

Natural Exfoliants

natural ingredients orange peel

Orage Peels

Natural citric acids and antioxidants found in abundance in orange peel have been shown to purify, lighten, and brighten skin. The orange peel's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities make it an excellent choice for treating oily skin and mild acne. Orange peel that has been dehydrated gives more color and additional exfoliation.

natural ingredients oatmeal


When used topically as an exfoliant, oats absorb extra skin oil, get rid of dead skin cells, lighten spots, and leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. The gentle, all-natural ingredient oatmeal has a lot of benefits.

natural ingredients sand


It is a natural exfoliant that gets rid of dead skin cells. Forget harmful and toxic processes that harm your skin. Iron and silica are typically found in small amounts in sand. The texture of this product, which naturally exfoliates the body, is one of its most amazing features.

natural ingredients coconut flakes

Coconut Flakes

Coconut flakes' beneficial properties help in washing dirt and dead skin cells from the body. Acne is also prevented or lessened by the oils. Because the soap is high in antioxidants, it also helps your skin look firmer and makes you look younger.

natural ingredients coconut shell powder

Coconut Shell

Coconut shell powder is a highly-cleansing and gentle-exfoliator. The exfoliating crushed coconut shell helps to cleanse the skin without attacking it.

natural ingredients pumice


In order to remove calluses, dry skin, and other dead skin cells off hands, feet, elbows, knees, and other difficult-to-reach regions, our bar soaps contain fine pumice powder.

Just keep in mind to avoid excessive exfoliating. Use exfoliating bars to scrub gently. When applying to areas that are sensitive, exercise caution. After, apply lotion as required. If needed, remember to change how frequently you exfoliate!

Minerals *Processed by man

mineral ingredients ultramarine blue


Ultramarines have received a safety rating for their use in cosmetics and are produced synthetically to eliminate the possibility of impurities commonly present in naturally occurring iron oxides.

natural ingredients micas


Renowned for its iridescent characteristics, mica powder is a naturally occurring mineral. Possessing a natural metallic shimmer, micas serve as one of the most reliable and secure colorants for soap.

natural ingredients iron oxide

Iron Oxides

Synthetically produced iron oxides are considered safe for cosmetic applications, as they are free from the impurities commonly found in naturally occurring iron oxides.

natural ingredients titanium dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is safe for soap use and is used to whiten or brighten soap.

Why do some products say "natural fragrance"?

Our Fresh® signature scents are complex and aromatic fusions derived exclusively from essential oils sources to give Fresh® natural soap products the unique blends you love. While some of our products list the essential oils, others say "natural fragrance" to keep our proprietary blends, that take up to a year to create, a secret.