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How does order tracking work?

Would you like to know more details about your tracking data? See the details below!

Tracking History: If your order is being shipped by USPS, you can follow its progress from the facility to the delivery location by selecting the "Track Order" tab.

This tab is located in the main menu and also in the footer section.

The following are the meanings of each of the various states when you are viewing the "Tracking History":

Shipping Label Created: This indicates that the shipping label for your order has been prepared and will shortly be given to our third-party shipping partner.

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item: This indicates that our third-party shipping partner has picked up your order and is delivering it to your neighborhood USPS hub before handing it off to USPS for "final mile" delivery. Once the status is out for delivery and/or has been transferred to USPS, the delivery status typically updates.

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility: This indicates that the package has arrived at a USPS facility and is awaiting processing before being handed off to your neighborhood USPS delivery personnel.

Departed USPS Facility: This indicates that the parcel is being transported to your neighborhood post office or from one facility to another. Once the order arrives at your neighborhood facility,