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Bar Soap Questions

Fresh has plenty of manly options when it comes to scents. Some of our most popular soap scents include: Read More>

Caribbean Waters:This bar is completely exfoliant-free. If you're looking for a smooth bar, this would be an excellent choice! Read More>

We have three excellent options for people with oily skin. Read More>

If you want to improve your exfoliation process, check out these bar soaps: Read More>

Fresh® is a different kind of mens natural soap. Our bars of soap are triple milled, not in France, but right here in the USA. Read More>

Despite the fact that our soap bars are not formulated to be hypoallergenic, plenty of customers with sensitive skin have reported good results after using them. Read More>

Research indicates that regular soap, like our, all-natural soap is as effective as antibacterial soap Read More>

Of course they can! With the natural, nourishing ingredients found in our soap, Read More>

Our mission at Fresh® is simple. To make all natural products for men that smell great and are free from harmful ingredients. Read More>

Our soap ingredients are naturally safe for skin and hair. Read More>

All of our products are proudly made in the United States with only natural ingredients.

Short answer, our soaps are entirely vegetable-based, and the finished product contains no lye. Read More>